Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 17

By George R.R. Martin

Chapter 17

Bran II

  • As the newly minted prince of Winterfell, Bran prepares to take on the responsibilities of managing the North.
  • Bran rides on Hodor's back to his first meeting, and the Walders make fun of Hodor's simple nature.
  • They are scolded for it by Maester Luwin because Hodor is seriously awesome.
  • Bran listens to Wyman Manderly's request to enlist new customs officers and build a warfleet, and Maester Luwin and Ser Rodrik advise Bran on how to proceed.
  • The next day, Lady Donella Hornwood has an audience, telling of her problems with Ser Bolton's illegitimate son and asking Bran to arrange a new husband to aid her. There's even suggestion that Rodrik should wed her (wink, wink).
  • Bran is excused and has Hodor bring him to the godswood. There, they meet up with Osha bathing in the frigid waters, and they discuss Hodor's gentle nature.
  • Another day, another audience. This time Bran meets with Hothor and Mors Umber, who want ships to defend against wildlings coming down from the north through the Bay of Seals.
  • Other lords come for more audiences and still more send ravens saying they cannot make it. Bored lies the head that wears the crown, it seems.
  • One day, Cley Cerwyn rides to Winterfell and bumps into Bran. Cerwyn mentions the rumor that Joffrey is son of Jaime and Cersei.
  • The words jar Bran's memory, and that night he dreams of a golden man pushing him out of a tower miles high.

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