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A Clash of Kings Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Arya V

  • Arya sits in a tree, scanning the first populated village she has come across.
  • Flashback: Arya and Gendry summoned the nerve to head back into the ruin the night after the attack; they found everyone, even Yoren, dead. In the tower, they found Cutjack, Kurz, and others who managed to hold out.
  • They all began traveling together, but the conditions were harsh, well, harsher—they had to scavenge frogs, insects, and acorn paste for food, and Lommy's injury made traveling slow.
  • Eventually, the adults left Arya, Gendry, Hot Pie, Lommy, and the girl, renamed Weasel, behind.
  • Back in the present, Arya climbs down and informs the group there are people in the village. They don't know if the people would welcome or kill them.
  • Lommy says they should yield, but Gendry decides he'll sneak in after dark, and Arya says she'll go with him on account of how he's a horrible sneak.
  • On the way to the village, Gendry admits he knows Arya is a girl, so Arya confesses that she is Arya Stark of Winterfell.
  • They sneak into the village, and Arya sees that the smell comes from men left to rot in gibbets.
  • Gendry is captured, but Arya returns to the others and recruits Hot Pie to help her mount a rescue.
  • They sneak back to the village, where a crow scares Hot Pie, giving away their position. He instantly yields.
  • Arya draws Needle, but a blow from an iron-clad fist knocks her down. Someone takes Needle.
  • The Mountain tells them to lead his knights to the others. They find Lommy, but Weasel runs off and disappears.
  • A spearman asks Lommy what is wrong with him, and Lommy says he can't walk, but rather than carry him, the spearman stabs Lommy with his spear.

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