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A Clash of Kings Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Bran III

  • The harvest feast is held at Winterfell. Luwin complements Bran on what a fine lord he will be one day, but Bran thinks how he'd rather be a knight.
  • The Lady Meera of House Reed and her brother, Jojen, of Greywater Watch arrive. Luwin informs Bran that their father, Howland Reed, was a friend of Eddard Stark.
  • Bran welcomes them to his hall, and the two pledge their loyalty to Winterfell.
  • After the feast, Bran goes to bed and dreams he is a wolf again.
  • In his dreams, Jojen and Meera sneak into the godswood to see the direwolves. Jojen asks Meera if she can feel him.
  • His sister warns him to be careful around the wolves, but Jojen states this is not the day he dies.

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