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A Clash of Kings Chapter 25

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 25

Theon II

  • Theon admires his new boat—sorry, ship—when he hears a woman's voice behind him.
  • He and the woman, who calls herself Esgard, flirt; although she says she is married, he wants to take her for his own.
  • As they ride through Lordsport, Esgard knows the ironborn sailors better than Theon.
  • They ride to Pyke with Theon's squire wide-eyed at Theon coming on to Esgard. They discuss Theon's claim to the Iron Islands as well as his time in Winterfell.
  • At Pyke, it is revealed that Esgard is actually Theon's sister, Asha Greyjoy—she says she kept up the charade to see who he really was firsthand. Now that's an actress dedicated to her craft.
  • At the evening's banquet, Asha teases Theon for all that he told her in his flirtatious mood.
  • Theon realizes Asha has the respect of his people more than he does, and wonders why he waited half his life to return home only to be mocked.
  • In Balon's solar, Theon, Asha, and their uncles gather to hear Balon's plan. Theon is sent to raid the Stony Shore while Asha is tasked with taking Deepwood Motte.
  • Theon's uncle, Victarion, is given the main force to attack and take Moat Cailin at the Neck.
  • Balon explains that with the lords fighting in the south, the North will be easy takings.

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