Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 26

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 26

Tyrion VI

  • Tyrion visits Cersei as she is being serenaded by Ser Lancel Lannister.
  • Cersei orders Lancel to leave them, and Tyrion presents his news: Stannis Baratheon has sailed, but has gone to Storm's End, not King's Landing.
  • The siblings share a rare joyous moment together, and Tyrion pours them wine, adding a little something something to Cersei's while he's at it.
  • They toast to Renly and Stannis's efforts in helping them win the war.
  • The next morning, Cersei is too unwell to perform her duties, so Tyrion sits before the audience in her stead.
  • He gives Ser Cleos their counter terms for peace, terms which are equally unlikely to bring said peace. He sends an escort of Lannister guards for Cleos.
  • Next, Alliser Throne busts into the room, demanding Tyrion see him. Tyrion listens to the man's story, but it turns out the proof of dead men walking rotted while Thorne waited.
  • Tyrion sends him away with spades to help bury the dead, along with his pick of the dungeons for new brothers.
  • After the audience, Tyrion lets Varys in on a little secret: Four of the men sent as Ser Cleos's escort have been assigned to break out Jaime.
  • That night, Tyrion and Shagga break into Maester Pycelle's room, and Tyrion says he knows Pycelle gave one of the letters meant for Dorne to his sister.
  • Pycelle admits he's been in the pocket of House Lannister for some time, although he does not know who killed Jon Arryn.
  • Tyrion has the Grand Maester thrown in a cell.

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