Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 29

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 29

Bran IV

  • Meera plays with Summer while Bran and Jojen watch.
  • Bran asks questions about their home, Greywater, and Jojen suggests it would be good if Bran left Winterfell.
  • Meera says her brother has the green sight, meaning he can see things that haven't happened.
  • Bran asks what will happen, and Jojen agrees to tell him if Bran shares his dreams, too.
  • Being on the same dream frequency, both say they are visited by a three-eyed crow.
  • Jojen pushes Bran to discuss his dreams, but Bran gets angry and that anger transfers to Summer, so Meera and Jojen scurry up a tree to evade the direwolf.
  • Hodor shoos the wolves away, and Bran apologizes and asks to be taken to Luwin.
  • Luwin confides in the boy that there is no magic in the world and dreams are just dreams.
  • Meera visits Bran later that night, and Bran admits the crow and her brother lied to him. He will never fly.
  • Meera suggests Bran decide for himself.
  • At supper, Bran decides Maester Luwin had the truth of it.

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