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A Clash of Kings Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Arya VII

  • Arya finds some good aspects to servitude at Harrenhal, namely a straw bed and regular meals. Hot Pie eats even better in the kitchen, and Gendry was sent to work as a blacksmith at the forge.
  • Her taskmaster, Weese, is a bit of jerk, though, as he hits at the slightest provocation, and his dog is even meaner.
  • One day, a group of sellswords called the Bloody Mummers arrive at Harenhal led by Vargo Hoat.
  • During their stay, she learns her brother's army, the part led by Roose Bolton, is nearby at the ruby ford of the Trident. The Bloody Mummers leave soon after.
  • Another party arrives days later, this time led by Ser Amory Lorch, and Arya is surprised to see Biter, Rorge, and Jaqen H'ghar with them.
  • That night in bed, Arya is awoken by Jaqen. He says that a man pays his debts, and since Arya stole three lives from the Red God by saving them, Jaqen owes her three deaths. Sweet, free deaths.
  • Later, the Mountain also swings by Harrenhal with his men. While Arya is serving the Mountain's men, she overhears Chiswyck telling a story about the Mountain raping a poor girl as though it were an uproarious joke.
  • She finds Jaqen and whispers Chiswyck's name in his ear.
  • Three days later, Chiswyck is found dead, having supposedly fallen from the wallwalk drunk off his butt.
  • That night, Arya has one less name on her list.

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