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A Clash of Kings Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Sansa III

  • Joffrey summons Sansa to answer for her brother's victory over Ser Stafford Lannister's forces. Ser Lancel claims Robb used vile sorcery to seal the deal.
  • He commands the Hound to beat her, but Ser Dontos offers to do it, hitting her with a melon to make a joke out of it and not hurt her.
  • Joffrey is not satisfied and has Ser Boros and Ser Meryn beat her.
  • Tyrion shows up and stands up for Sansa, chastising Joffrey for his lack of grace and intelligence. Yay, Tyrion.
  • He brings Sansa to the Tower of the Hand to be treated for her wounds and to rest for the evening.
  • The next day, Tyrion tells her the truth of Robb's victory, the magic-free version of the tale.
  • Despite Tyrion's kindness, Sansa does not trust him because he is a Lannister and settles back on her usual placating lies.
  • Sansa returns to her own chambers with Tyrion escorting her back.

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