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A Clash of Kings Chapter 34

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 34

Catelyn IV

  • Catelyn prays to the Mother to protect everyone in the battle to come. She wonders if Cersei also prays to the gods…
  • She returns as Renly and his commanders are preparing their battle plans, and after the commanders leave the tent, Brienne begins fitting Renly into his armor.
  • Catelyn tries once more to council Renly. She says her son will put down his crown if Renly and Stannis will do the same and call for a Great Council to settle the matter—after the Lannisters are defeated, of course.
  • Renly says the time for talking is done.
  • Suddenly, a shadowy creature enters the tent and kills Renly where he stands by stabbing him in the throat. Irony.
  • Knights enter and blame Brienne. They attack despite Catelyn's cries to stop, and a candle is knocked over, catching the tent on fire.
  • Brienne kills two of the knights, and Catelyn manages to convince Ser Robar it was Stannis's doing.
  • With the tent aflame, Robar says he'll hold them back if Catelyn can get Brienne out of there.
  • Catelyn finds her entourage, and they ride away from Renly's camp, taking Brienne with them.
  • Catelyn knows Storm's End and its host now belong to Stannis.

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