Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 37

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 37

Tyrion VIII

  • Varys informs the small council of Renly's untimely demise. When asked who did the deed, he says he has heard different answers, meaning he has no answer at all.
  • Tyrion realizes his hope of the Brothers Baratheon destroying each other has come to naught.
  • Tyrion wonders if the small council can sway those lords who did not side with Stannis to swing on over to theirs. They decide to offer the Tyrells of Highgarden a wedding between Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell.
  • Unfortunately, due to a lack of Skype, someone has to deliver the message in person, so Littlefinger agrees to make the journey to the Tyrells.
  • After the meeting, Cersei compliments Tyrion, kissing him on the cheek while admitting he's not the idiot she thought he was.
  • Tyrion is surprised by his sister's sudden affection and also curious as to what plans she is hatching.

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