Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 4

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 4

Tyrion I

  • Tyrion tries to enter the small council meeting, but Ser Mandon Moore bars his way.
  • Snagging his first political victory, Tyrion manages to talk his way inside. Tyrion: 1 Other Guys: 0. Boo ya.
  • He presents a letter to the small council proclaiming he is acting Hand of the King; the other councilors leave the two Lannister siblings to chat.
  • Cersei insists she can rule just fine without Tyrion as Hand, but Tyrion points out she'll have to take it up with their father—you know, the guy with the army defending them.
  • Tyrion promises to help free Jamie, who you'll recall was captured by Robb Stark's forces during the Battle of the Whispering Woods.
  • He also receives the truth of Eddard Stark's untimely separation from his head. Tyrion admits that their father wants him to bring Joffrey to heel.
  • When Tyrion questions Cersei on Lord Arryn's death, she says she knows nothing.
  • Leaving the Red Keep, Tyrion notes the heads of Eddard Stark and his people on the walls and orders them to be taken down and proper rites performed.
  • Riding through the city, he notes that the place has gotten pretty seedy of late.
  • He finds Varys drinking and laughing with Shae at the inn.
  • Varys lets Tyrion subtly know that no one enters King's Landing without his knowledge—even prostitutes Tywin Lannister forbade being there.
  • Equally subtle, Tyrion lets Varys know he can speak his political doublespeak.
  • In his room Tyrion reminds himself it is his coin Shae likely loves. Not him.

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