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A Clash of Kings Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Catelyn V

  • Catelyn returns to Riverrun and discovers her brother, Edmure, has the command, and her son has won a great victory over Ser Stafford Lannister.
  • Brienne suggests she'll go back to Storm's End to seek revenge on Stannis, but Catelyn convinces her that Robb's enemies and Renly's are the same.
  • Brienne swears fealty and enters Catelyn's service on account of the fact that Catelyn will let her kill Stannis when the time comes.
  • Edmure meets them and informs them that Ser Cleos's envoys tried to break Jaime Lannister out of his cell. They failed, though—evident by their current occupation as ornaments on the castle wall.
  • She also learns that Tywin's forces plan to cross the Riverlands.
  • Edmure and Catelyn head to the godswood to discuss his battle plans; obviously worried that Edmure is not ready for command, Catelyn questions his tactics.
  • Two silent sisters arrive bearing Eddard Stark's remains. Catelyn spends that evening wishing she could talk to the dead.

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