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A Clash of Kings Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Tyrion IX

  • Myrcella begins her journey to Dorne, and Tyrion sends some of the king's most powerful ships to escort her.
  • When the ships depart, the court heads back to the Red Keep as throngs of starving citizens line the street to watch the procession.
  • A woman runs into the middle of the street, displaying her dead child for them to see. Cersei proclaims they can do nothing for her, and this causes the woman to scream insults at the queen.
  • Dung is flung into Joffrey's face, and he demands the thrower be executed and sends the Hound to cut through the crowd to find the perpetrator.
  • The crowd—really more of a mob at this point—attacks, chanting for bread.
  • Weaving their way through the belligerent people of King's Landing, the members of the court rush back to the Red Keep,
  • Behind its safe walls, Tyrion slaps Joffrey for being stupid enough to order the crowd attacked.
  • A head count reveals Sansa Stark to be missing, but Ser Sandor Clegane rides in, carrying an injured, but otherwise unharmed, Sansa with him.
  • Fire breaks out in Flea Bottom—the riots are on.
  • Tyrion sends his Mountain Men to protect Shae.
  • Later that evening, Ser Jacelyn Bywater informs Tyrion of the damage: The High Septon was murdered, several knights died, and Lady Tanda's daughter was raped, amongst several other horrifying events.
  • After the report, Bywater notes that Tyrion ordered him to always speak true, and so here it goes. Many in King's Landing still remembered when Lord Tywin sacked the city during Robert's Rebellion, so they have little love for House Lannister; even those proclaiming loyalty will likely turn when the chance arrives.
  • Tyrion particularly receives little love as the citizens think he is a monster who has influenced the court.

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