Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 44

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 44

Jon V

  • A horn call wakes Jon in the middle of the night, and since it is only one blast, Jon knows brothers of the Night's Watch are approaching.
  • Qhorin Halfhand and his men arrive, and Mormont has Jon send Qhorin directly to speak with him.
  • Qhorin says their lateness is the result of a run-in with Alfyn Crowkiller—although Crowkiller will be killing no more crows in this life.
  • Jon sits by the commander's tent while Mormont and Qhorin continue the conversation.
  • Jon overhears Chett and Lark Sisterman sharing mutinous thoughts but thinks it the empty talk of afraid and exhausted men.
  • He then serves food to Qhorin and Mormont. Qhorin tells the commander that Mance's goal is not to climb over or burrow beneath the wall—he aims to go all Reagan on it and tear it down.
  • Qhorin also believes Mance gathered his forces at the Frostfangs to search for something, although he does not know what.
  • He convinces Mormont to send three scouting parties of five men: one to the Milkwater, one to Skirling Pass, and one to Giant's Stair.
  • Mormont gives Qhorin pick of his men, and Qhorin picks Jon Snow.
  • Jon accepts the task.

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