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A Clash of Kings Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Catelyn VI

  • Edmure rides off to battle.
  • Catelyn does her duty and prays for the safe return of her family, then she and Brienne discuss the differences between men and women's social battles, as well as their courage.
  • Lannister riders approach the Red Fork, and Brienne and Catelyn watch the ensuing battles from the battlements. Brienne gives a play-by-play worthy of John Madden.
  • Catelyn wonders if Edmure is wiser than she thought.
  • She pays a visit to Ser Cleos in the dungeon. The knight confesses he knew nothing of the escape attempt, and Catelyn interrogates him about her daughters. Ser Cleos reveals he saw Sansa in court that day, drawn but aliveā€”he did not, however, see Arya.
  • Brienne and Catelyn take their supper away from the merrymaking of Edmure's victories.
  • Lord Tywin's strong attack comes three days later, and Edmure sends a letter to Catelyn promising that they shall not cross.
  • Although the Tullys appear to be winning, Catelyn remains dreadful of the future.

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