Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 47

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 47

Bran VI

  • Bran has one of his wolf dreams, and Summer can smell danger.
  • When the wolf falls trying to climb a tree, Bran wakes up screaming for his furry companion.
  • He calls for help, but instead of Osha or Luwin, Theon enters to inform him he has taken Winterfell.
  • Theon explains that Bran will make an announcement in the Great Hall telling the people that Winterfell has been yielded.
  • Maester Luwin comes to dress Bran, detailing how Theon managed to take the castle; he reminds Bran that a lord's first duty is to protect his people.
  • In the Great Hall, Bran yields Winterfell to Theon. Mikken, the blacksmith, refuses to serve and one of the ironborn spears him through the neck.
  • Witnessing the violence, Hodor has a freak out moment and is beaten until subdued.
  • Reek swears loyalty to Theon if he'll release him, and Osha also bends the knee and swears loyalty.

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