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A Clash of Kings Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Daenerys IV

  • Dany visits the House of the Undying, a large ancient structure in ruin.
  • Pyat Pree greets Dany at the entrance and gives her instructions for passing through the interior's labyrinth. He also has her drink a drug called shade of the evening. Basically, Pyat is the Timothy Leary of Essos.
  • Dany enters the derelict interior with Drogon.
  • Within, she sees several visions of the past and the future; among them are a dead man with a wolf's head and an iron crown, her childhood home in Braavos, and a Targaryen man proclaiming his son's song shall be the song of ice and fire.
  • She comes to a great hall where beautifully dressed wizards and kings claim to have waited for her a thousand years and sent the comet to show her the way.
  • Doubting the image, she follows Drogon to another door and discovers the Undying behind it, all ancient, mummified corpses.
  • The Undying prophesy Dany's future, and the images center on the number three (three trials, three mounts, three reasons).
  • Dany has several more visions before the Undying attack her. Drogon saves her with his fire breath—thousand-year-old bodies are, it seems, highly flammable.
  • Dany and Drogon push their way outside of the House of the Undying. Pyat rushes at her, knife drawn, but Jhogo stops the warlock with his whip.

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