Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 5

By George R.R. Martin

Chapter 5

Bran I

  • Bran sits in his room listening to the wolves howl in the godswood and wondering for whom they mourn this time.
  • He starts howling, and a vexed Maester Luwin comes to see what is wrong.
  • They discuss dreams, and Bran admits to having vivid tree dreams and dreams where he is a direwolf.
  • When Luwin tells Bran the dreams are only tormenting him more, the young Stark takes up the howling again. Luwin leaves.
  • Bran thinks back to why the direwolves are corralled in the godswood. The Frey boys and Rickon were playing lord of the crossing, and when Little Walder struck Rickon with a stick, Shaggydog attacked the boy.
  • Luwin returns with a sleep draught that he claims will let Bran sleep without dreams.
  • The potion puts Bran to sleep but not a dreamless oneā€”Bran dreams he is a direwolf in the godswood again, hearing the world beyond Winterfell calling him.

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