Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 50

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 50

Tyrion XI

  • Tyrion sends his Mountain Men into the Kingswood, where they will engage in guerilla warfare with Stannis's forces.
  • Also in preparation, Tyrion has Bronn's men burn the structures between the city's walls and the waterfront.
  • He then attends a ceremony where new knights vow their service to the Kingsguard—it's ridiculously long.
  • Hallyne meets Tyrion to report that the alchemists have created way more wildfire than they expected.
  • Tyrion feels he's being swindled at first, but Hallyne contests that their spells seem to be working better these days—it's as though magic has started returning to the world.
  • CSPAN-Seven Kingdoms continues as Lord Jacelyn enters next to report that Tommen is safe and well.
  • Then Varys comes in with news that a group of rebels has taken Stannis's side and named themselves the Antler men. Tyrion writes the arrest orders.

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