Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 54

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 54


  • Qhorin orders the rangers to stop during the day, so they may proceed under the cover of night.
  • Jon speaks with Qhorin, confessing he let Ygritte escape—when Qhorin asks why he spared her, Jon says there was no evil in her.
  • Qhorin confers in Jon that the execution was a test. To lead men, Qhorin believes you need to know them and now he knows Jon better than before.
  • Jon sleeps and dreams he is Ghost. Ghost finds the camp at the Frostfangs but is attacked by an eagle.
  • He wakes up, and Qhorin questions him about the dream.
  • The rangers ride on and discover Ghost wounded; they patch up the wolf.
  • After discovering the wounded wolf and noticing an eagle spying on them, Qhorin decides they are to ride back.
  • Squire Dalbridge opts to stay at the place the wildlings died to hold off any pursuers.
  • As the rangers ride on, Jon hears the sound of a hunting horn.

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