Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 55

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 55

Tyrion XII

  • Pod dresses Tyrion for battle, a.k.a. dinner with his sister.
  • Varys enters with a letter bringing news from the north.
  • Tyrion goes to tell his sister. Cersei is not as pleased to hear of Bran's death as Tyrion anticipated; she states it was Jamie who pushed the boy off the tower.
  • The Lannister siblings dine. They discuss the role Joffrey is to play in the forthcoming battle, and Cersei threatens that no harm will come to Tyrion's lady friend so long as her son is not harmed in the battle.
  • A girl is dragged into the room, but it is Alayaya, not Shae. Tyrion plays it up, making Cersei think she has the upper hand.
  • He threatens that one day he'll repay her for this, and she gives him the boot.
  • Tyrion finds Shae in his room, accompanied there by Varys through a secret passage.
  • They sleep together, and Tyrion wonders if he really is a fool.

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