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A Clash of Kings Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Sansa V

  • Sansa has heard the sept's parishioners signing hymns to the gods ever since the first reports spotting Stannis's fleet.
  • Joffrey calls Sansa over and has her kiss his new sword, which he has named Hearteater despite it having eaten zero hearts.
  • Sansa goes to the sept and sings a hymn praying for those of King's Landing and her family far away. She adds a second prayer for the Hound.
  • She even prays for Joffrey, albeit she requests he doesn't make it back.
  • Sansa goes with the other ladies to Maegor's Holdfast, a castle within the Red Keep; the Queen's Ballroom is packed with women, children, and the elderly.
  • Sansa notices Ser Ilyn Payne among them.
  • Cersei enters and has Sansa seated by her. Sansa wonders why Ilyn is there, and Cersei says he is there to protect them in case the guards turn on them.
  • Sansa says a true knight would never harm a woman or child, and Cersei agrees. A true knight would not. But there isn't exactly a surplus of true knights during war.

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