Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 59

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 59

Davos III

  • Davos brings his ship, Black Betha, up Blackwater Bay.
  • He thinks back to the strategy meeting: Davos suggested a more cautious approach with scouts checking things out first, but Ser Imry's plan calls for a knock-out blow; when Davos expressed his concern, he was given the old we'll get back to you on that treatment.
  • Ser Imry sounds the attack. As they sail forward, Davos notices a chain boom in the water and wonders why they did not raise it in defense.
  • The battle begins. Rocks, arrows, and spears rain down on Stannis's fleet, and Joffrey's tiny fleet engages them.
  • Davos orders ramming speed, as does his son's ship, and the two slam into Lady's Shame. The enemy ship falls to pieces.
  • Wildfire begins to fall upon the ships.
  • Fighting through, Davos and his crew board the White Hart and kill the crew, taking the ship.
  • Surveying the battle, Davos notices the Swordfish has caught aflame and is drifting toward a Lannister hulk, which is bleeding wildfire into the river.
  • Davos screams for a retreat as the ships collide. The explosion knocks Davos off the deck and into the bay.
  • As he's being swept down the current, he sees that the chain boom has been raised. Stannis's fleet is trapped in the wildfire hell of Blackwater Bay.

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