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A Clash of Kings Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

Tyrion XIV

  • Tyrion rushes to meet the enemy with Pod behind him. Despite Tyrion's protests, the squire rides on.
  • A lot of people die.
  • Tyrion's adrenaline kicks in, and he enters battle modeā€”the horrors of war and his own pain seem distant.
  • Looking over Blackwater Bay, he notices that the wrecked ships are packed so closely together that the enemy soldiers are using them as a bridge.
  • Tyrion calls for another push, and his horse breaks a leg. He puts the creature down and continues afoot.
  • Taking an arrow in the shoulder, Tyrion gets turned around during the madness of the battle.
  • Ser Mandon Moore offers him his hand, and Tyrion goes to take it before noticing the knight is offering him his left hand.
  • He reels back at the last second and there is a blaze of pain.
  • Ser Mandon raises his sword to finish Tyrion off when he struck from behind and knocked into the river.
  • Tyrion wonders if Jaime has saved him, but it is Pod's voice that reaches him through the darkness.

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