Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 65

By George R.R. Martin

Chapter 65

Arya X

  • Arya goes to fetch water for Lord Bolton's basin and passes beneath the heads of the former Lannister host.
  • Gendry bumps into her, and he admits to hating the Bolton bunch more than Ser Amory's men. Even Arya wishes she'd gone with Jaqen H'ghar now.
  • She brings the water to Bolton's bedchamber while Bolton is receiving his routine leeching—and he's not even consulting a licensed barber.
  • Arya overhears Ser Aenys discussing Bran and Rickon's deaths.
  • Bolton decides he will go hunt wolves.
  • After the lord leaves, Arya tidies his chambers and notices a map. She quickly figures out she is not far from Riverrun, then she's off to train in the godswood.
  • After Bolton orders his supper, Arya asks if he will take her with him when he leaves Harrenhal. Bolton excuses her insolence for asking a question and answers just this once: She will remain at Harrenhal with Vargo Hoat.
  • That night, Arya goes to Gendry and tells him about her escape plan—Gendry will steal the weapons, Hot Pie the food, and she'll borrow some horses.
  • Arya tricks the stable boy into giving her the horses by pretending they are for Lord Bolton, then she meets up with Gendry and Hot Pie; both have completed their tasks.
  • Arya goes to the gatehouse and pretends to give the guard a silver coin from Lord Bolton. She drops it, though, and when he bends over to pick it up, she slits his throat. Cold blooded.
  • She whispers, "Valar morghulis" and then signals Gendry and Hot Pie.
  • Together, they ride away from Harrenhal.

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