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A Clash of Kings Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

Sansa VIII

  • Sansa watches from the crowd as Joffrey heaps rewards and titles upon Tywin, the Tyrells, and the knights who came to King's Landing's aid.
  • Joffrey agrees to marry Margaery Tyrell after the High Septon says he may annul his betrothal to Sansa for her father and brother's traitorous actions; Sansa tries to look sullen despite the swelling joy inside her.
  • For bringing the message to the Tyrells, Littlefinger is granted titles and the castle of Harrenhal.
  • The battle's captives are brought into the hall and given the chance to change their allegiance and swear fealty to Joffrey.
  • One knight decries Joffrey as an abomination, and while Joffrey is busy throwing a tantrum, a simple hand gesture from Tywin has the knight executed.
  • That night, Sansa slips into the godswood to meet Ser Dontos.
  • She's excited that Joffrey is done with her, but Dontos warns her that Lannisters will never be done with her.
  • Dontos says he has a friend who has arranged safe passage for him and Sansa out of King's Landing, but she must wait until the night of Joffrey's wedding because… reasons.
  • Dontos gifts her a hair net adorned with black amethysts.
  • Sansa thinks it is a ship she wants, not jewels, but Dontos tells her these are magic jewels—jewels that will not only bring her justice but home as well.

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