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A Clash of Kings Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

Theon VI

  • Maester Luwin comes to Theon to offer him a way out of his current predicament, but Theon exclaims he is ironborn and has his own ways.
  • He assembles his men and tells Black Lorren to find the girl, then he rides out to meet Ser Rodrik.
  • Rodrik's terms are simple: Winterfell and Theon's life. The other ironborn may go free if those conditions are met.
  • Theon counters by having Black Lorren prop Beth, Rodrik's daughter, on the castle wall; a noose dangles around her neck.
  • Rodrik calls Theon a coward for using children. Theon agrees, arguing the Starks put a similar noose around his neck when he was ten.
  • He threatens to hang Beth if Rodrik and his host stand before his gate when the sun sets. He returns to the castle, knowing Rodrik's duty as castellan and a knight means an attack is coming.
  • While they wait, Luwin returns to counsel Theon—he suggests Theon take the black and join the Night's Watch.
  • Theon considers the notion, even imagining how high he could rise among the crow's ranks, but just then, he is told that Rodrik's forces are under attack.
  • After the battle, Ser Rodrik and all his men are dead.
  • A man in red armor comes to the gates proclaiming friendship; Theon opens the gates.
  • Theon is surprised to see the man is Reek, but the man laughs and says Reek is dead.
  • He is Ramsay Snow, illegitimate son of Roose Bolton—he switched places with Reek when Rodrik came to hunt him down, and had his manservant killed in his place.
  • Ramsay claims Kyra as his prize for saving Theon, and when Theon objects, he hits him across the face with his gauntleted hand.
  • As Theon passes out, he watches as Ramsay's men kill and burn their way through Winterfell.

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