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A Clash of Kings Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

Tyrion XV

  • Tyrion lies in bed, drifting in and out of consciousness. He tries to piece together what has happened to him, but thoughts and memories are too distant.
  • He dreams he is with his first wife, Tysha, at their seaside mansion.
  • Tyrion begins to wake, and a Maester tries to give him milk of the poppy, but Tyrion slaps it away and demands the bandages be removed.
  • Reluctantly, Maester Ballabar does so and hands him a mirror.
  • Tyrion's face has a gnarly scar and three-quarters of his nose is missing; everything is stitched together with catgut.
  • He thinks back to the battle and believes Cersei must have paid Ser Mandon to kill him.
  • Maester Ballabar informs Tyrion that he is in Maegor's Holdfast and that he is no longer Hand of the King—Tywin Lannister has taken on the job.
  • Tyrion requests Pod sent to him, since the boy is the only person he can trust.
  • Pod reveals that he killed Ser Mandon, and Tyrion orders him to say nothing of it.

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