Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 69

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 69


  • Qhorin tells Jon to build up the fire, and as Jon does so, he thinks back to Qhorin ordering Stonesnake and Ebben to make for the Fist to warn Mormont.
  • Qhorin asks Jon to recite the vows of the Night's Watch with him.
  • Afterward, he tells Jon that if the wildlings catch them, he is to yield and become a double agent.
  • Jon argues at first but agrees.
  • The two try to escape but are eventually cornered by a wildling hunting party led by the Lord of Bones, or, as Qhorin calls him, Rattleshirt.
  • As ordered, Jon yields. Rattleshirt says they have no need of cravens, but Ygritte comes to Jon's defense. One good deed, right?
  • Qhorin attacks Jon for turning "traitor," forcing Jon to slay him.
  • Watching Jon kill Qhorin, the wildlings, except for Rattleshirt, accept him into their ranks.
  • Ygritte tells Jon they'll meet with Mance at Milkwater as the King Beyond the Wall is marching on the Wall.

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