Study Guide

A Clash of Kings Chapter 70

By George R.R. Martin

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Chapter 70

Bran VII

  • Through the eyes of Summer, Bran wanders through the destruction of Winterfell.
  • He is woken by Meera, and Jojen reveals he was in his wolf dream for three days; he warns him that he might starve if he stays for too long.
  • Bran tells them of his dream, and the group considers taking a look.
  • Osha lights a torch, revealing they have been in the crypts beneath Winterfell the entire time. Clever girl.
  • Based on what Bran saw during his dream, they agree to go take a look.
  • Outside, the castle has been destroyed and no one is left; the direwolves emerge and reunite with their guardians.
  • Surveying the castle, Summer darts into the godswood, so the group follows, and they find Maester Luwin mortally wounded.
  • Luwin is relieved to see the boys safe and advises them to separate since they are Robb's heirs. He tells Bran to be strong.
  • All leave except for Osha, who, at Luwin's request, finishes off the dying maester.
  • Jojen and Meera agree to travel with Bran while Osha says she'll take Rickon; Hodor will go to be Bran's legs.
  • They scavenge the castle for supplies and then part ways.
  • Jojen announces that their path is north.
  • Bran observes that Winterfell castle still stands—it's just broken—and he thinks about how he's broken but not dead either.

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