Study Guide

A Dog's Purpose Chapter 12

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 12

  • The man who rescues Bailey and Ethan lets Bailey ride in the front seat.
  • That, plus people food, makes almost starving to death totally worth it for Bailey.
  • Ethan is taken to the hospital, and for the first night ever, Bailey is without his boy.
  • Ethan soon returns, but he is disciplined for leaving the house when he wasn't supposed to.
  • Hannah, the neighbor girl, visits, which cheers Ethan up.
  • But it's soon back to school once again.
  • This year is different, because Marshmallow, a friendly dog in the neighborhood, is missing.
  • Where could Marshmallow be? We hope no one made a Fluffernutter out of her.
  • That spring, all the kids are obsessed with Go-karts.
  • Ethan beats Todd in a Go-kart race, and they get into a physical fight at the finish line.
  • Ethan wins the fight, but that night, someone throws a rock through his window.
  • Bailey recognizes the smell—yep, it's a rock. Oh, and it has Todd all over it.

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