Study Guide

A Dog's Purpose Chapter 13

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 13

  • Smokey the cat dies. Mom and Ethan are sad, but Bailey doesn't miss the cat. He knows he was a better pet, anyway.
  • Soon, Ethan learns to drive, and he takes Bailey with him.
  • Bailey loves riding in the truck.
  • Ethan takes Hannah for rides, too, and he misses her a lot when he returns home to go to school.
  • Hannah visits one night and watches Ethan play football.
  • Todd tries to stir up trouble, telling Hannah that Ethan is dating another girl.
  • When Ethan and Bailey return home, Bailey finds a random piece of meat inside the fence.
  • Never one to turn down free food, Bailey picks it up. But it makes his mouth burn. Plus, it smells like Todd. That'll kill anyone's appetite.

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