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A Dog's Purpose Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Just kidding. Last chapter wasn't the end.
  • Bailey, the Lazarus of dogs, is reborn yet again.
  • This time, Bailey is a girl dog.
  • Girl dog is adopted by a man named Jakob, who names her Elleya, "Swedish for 'moose'" (18.25).
  • Better than Bullwinkle, we guess.
  • Jakob calls her Ellie for short, and he trains her to find his friend Wally and lead Jakob to him.
  • Jakob and Ellie do this a lot. Find Wally. Find Wally. Find Wally. Again and again. Does Ellie read these books for homework?
  • It turns out Jakob is part of an elite canine police unit.
  • One day, Jakob gets an alert over the radio.
  • It's time for a mission more important than finding Wally.

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