Study Guide

A Dog's Purpose Chapter 19

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 19

  • Marilyn, an Alzheimer's patient, has wandered from her home.
  • It's Ellie—the dog formerly known as Bailey, formerly known as Toby—who has to find Marilyn.
  • Ellie sniffs a tissue and rushes off to find Marilyn.
  • Ellie finds the littering old women quickly.
  • Ellie realizes her new purpose is to save people.
  • But Ellie can't save Jakob from his own sorrow.
  • Jakob spends time at the cemetery speaking to his dead wife.
  • Ellie knows that Jakob respects her, but she doesn't feel the same love from the man.
  • There's no time for love when there are people to find, and soon enough we get another alert: a young girl is missing.

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