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A Dog's Purpose Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • Ellie descends into a canyon to find the missing young girl.
  • Ellie finds the girl at a cabin, but she isn't alone. The man who kidnapped her is there, too.
  • Ellie leads Jakob to the girl, and they get her to safety.
  • Jakob pursues the kidnapper, who opens fire on Jakob, hitting him.
  • Ellie attacks the kidnapper the same way she attacked Todd in her past life.
  • Jakob's partner calls Ellie back. The kidnapper reaches for his gun, but Jakob's partner shoots the man dead.
  • Jakob is taken to the hospital, which means Ellie has to sleep in the kennel at the police station. She feels punished for doing her job.
  • A fellow officer, Maya, starts taking care of Ellie while Jakob is presumably recovering.
  • But Maya worries she can't fill Jakob's shoes.
  • They're probably bloodstained, so maybe she shouldn't try.

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