Study Guide

A Dog's Purpose Chapter 22

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 22

  • Maya takes Ellie on a car ride to visit Jakob.
  • Ellie is excited to see her previous owner, but he has no plans to take her back.
  • Maya expresses her doubts to Jakob, as well as her thoughts of resigning, but he persuades her to stay. For Ellie's sake.
  • Maya tries super hard, and she passes.
  • Maya's Mama throws a party to celebrate her daughter's certification. Even Al arrives, and everyone is happy.
  • When an earthquake hits El Salvador, Maya takes Ellie on a helicopter to help find survivors.
  • Maya and Ellie find lots of people, but all of them are dead. They're both discouraged to find so many dead bodies.
  • But Ellie finally finds someone in the rubble, alive.

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