Study Guide

A Dog's Purpose Chapter 24

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 24

  • Ellie is the ring bearer at Maya's wedding.
  • Maya and Ellie continue working, but in a different capacity.
  • The two go to elementary schools and talk to kids about what to do if they ever get lost.
  • The kids need to know this, because Ellie won't be able to find them. You're on your own, kiddos.
  • One day, Ellie and Maya bump into Jakob.
  • Jakob's daughter, Alyssa, goes to the school where Maya gives a talk.
  • Yep, we said daughter. Jakob is now married and has a family.
  • Ellie doesn't sense Jakob's sadness anymore.
  • After another school talk, a thunderstorm rolls in.
  • A teacher from another class says that one of his students is missing.
  • Maya says she can see if Ellie can find the boy, named Geoffrey, though she doesn't know if Ellie will be able to do it.
  • Ellie's sense of smell has miraculously returned: she finds the boy in a storm drain. Not a good place to be during a storm that needs draining.

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