Study Guide

A Dog's Purpose Chapter 29

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 29

  • After a week, Bear is still living at the dog park.
  • It seems that Operation Find Ethan isn't going too well.
  • When not failing to find Ethan, Bear spends his days playing with Carly.
  • Soon, animal control is attempting to control animals in the park—mainly Bear, the strange stray dog that has been hanging around.
  • Bear flees the scene and finds himself at the last place he spent with Ethan—the place where he was put to sleep.
  • Not wanting to relive that particular memory, Bear doesn't go any closer.
  • However, Bear picks up a scent in the driveway: it's the odor of Jasper the donkey.
  • Tracking the smell, Bear finds himself all the way back at the Farm.
  • An old man is inside the house watching TV. Bear scratches at the door to be let in.
  • When the man opens the door, Bear realizes he isn't any old man—he's Ethan.

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