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A Dog's Purpose Chapter 3

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 3

  • Toby doesn't make it far before Senora catches him and brings him back to the pen. At least she doesn't ask, "Who let the dogs out?"
  • Back in the Yard, Toby makes friends with a female named Coco.
  • Toby and Coco spend their days sniffing poops and tumbling around. Ah, young love. It's like a Taylor Swift song.
  • One day, the men bring more dogs to the Yard. One of them looks like Mother—but isn't Mother. And the other looks like Sister—and is Sister.
  • Fast is excited that his sister, Sister, is back.
  • But Toby is more excited by other things, like a new game in which he tries to play leapfrog with Coco from behind.
  • Toby is taken by some men to a cold room with a shiny table.
  • Toby falls asleep, and when he wakes up, he's wearing a cone-shaped collar and has an itch between his back legs.
  • After the collar is removed, Toby doesn't want to play leapfrog with Coco anymore.
  • Life in the Yard returns to normal. The dogs wrestle playfully. Sometimes they fight over bones. And Top Dog remains Top Dog.
  • "Right up until the day that Spike arrived" (3.65).
  • We know we can't trust the dude, because his name is Spike. If his name were Fluffy, we bet this would all go differently.

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