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A Dog's Purpose Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

  • Ethan won't let Bear in the house, because he's a mangy stray, but he does feed the dog some old lasagna.
  • Does Ethan think the dog is Garfield in disguise?
  • Bear sleeps outside and follows Ethan to the barn the next morning.
  • Lonely old Ethan talks to the horse about missing Jasper the donkey.
  • Later that day, unexpected visitors arrive.
  • Animal control pulls up to take Bear to the shelter. Ethan called them, and Bear is confused and betrayed.
  • At the shelter, it isn't long before a family wants to take Bear home. But their plans to adopt the dog are interrupted when Ethan shows up.
  • Ethan has had second thoughts, and he's going to take that dog home. He doesn't care how many children he disappoints.
  • Ethan names the dog Buddy, and Buddy never leaves the old man's side.

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