Study Guide

A Dog's Purpose Chapter 31

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 31

  • Ethan puts a collar on Buddy. It used to belong to Bailey, "a pretty special dog" (31.6) from a long time ago.
  • For Buddy, it's weird to be smelling his own old scent.
  • Ethan can't bear to let a different dog wear the collar, so he gets Buddy his own.
  • Buddy is happy to be back with Ethan, but he can't get past Ethan's overwhelming sadness.
  • Buddy realizes that his purpose is to save, not just to find.
  • Buddy thinks he can save Ethan by getting him a family.
  • Buddy follows Carly home, where Hannah lives.
  • Hannah reads Buddy's collar and sees that he belongs to Ethan Montgomery, somebody that she used to know.
  • Hannah calls Ethan and explains that she has his dog.
  • Ethan comes to get the dog, and the two catch up awkwardly.
  • Hannah explains that she moved back two years ago. Her pregnant daughter Rachel and Rachel's husband are living with her temporarily while their house is being renovated.
  • As he leaves, Ethan invites Hannah over for dinner.
  • Hannah asks Ethan if he can cook now.
  • "I heat things up, pretty well" (31.76), Ethan responds.
  • That's how old people flirt.

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