Study Guide

A Dog's Purpose Chapter 32

By W. Bruce Cameron

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Chapter 32

  • Hannah and Ethan quickly grow close again.
  • That means Buddy has a new playmate: Carly the dog.
  • But Buddy thinks Carly's an idiot.
  • Rachel soon has her baby, and the house is filled with a big happy family.
  • Buddy feels as if he has finally fulfilled his purpose.
  • One spring day, Ethan has an aneurysm and falls over.
  • Buddy stays by his side as he starts to hallucinate.
  • Ethan thinks that Buddy is Bailey, his old dog. He's not wrong.
  • To prove that he actually is Bailey, Buddy goes to the closet and gets the flip, the little toy he made for Bailey as a child.
  • Ethan manages to haul himself to window and throw the flip.
  • Buddy runs out to get it.
  • When he returns, Ethan is on the floor. Buddy knows that Ethan is dying.
  • "I will miss you, doodle dog" (32.43), Ethan says to him.
  • And Buddy stays with Ethan as he slips away.
  • Buddy finally—for real this time—feels that he has fulfilled his purpose.
  • And maybe Buddy's glad not to be the one dying for a change?
  • The end.

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