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A Dog's Purpose Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • The woman nurses our doggarator back to health with a cold water bottle and then presents him to her young son, Ethan.
  • Our main pup is excited to learn that human children exist. He thinks they're "the most wonderful concept in the world" (6.18). Maybe because they smell the same as he does.
  • After convincing Dad to let him keep the dog, Ethan tries to name him.
  • Eventually, the fam settles on Bailey.
  • Bailey soon learns his place in the family. He's supposed to stay inside most of the time, but he goes outside when he's about to pee or poop.
  • Bailey also feels like he has a job: to play with the boy.
  • Bailey and Ethan play, and Bailey also plays with Marshmallow, a dog belonging to Chelsea, a girl in the neighborhood.
  • At night, Bailey gets to snuggle up with Ethan and feel loved.
  • Aww.

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