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A Dog's Purpose Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • The dog now known as Bailey spends his day learning new tricks. Gotta learn as many as possible while he's a young dog.
  • Bailey gets confused when Ethan has to go to school, leaving him alone in the garage.
  • Bailey doesn't understand that his dog door goes outside, so he stays in the garage and tears things up to pass the time.
  • Mom is upset with Bailey when she gets home, and she calls him "Bad dog" (7.22), the worst thing a dog can possible hear.
  • Dad buys Bailey a little doghouse for the garage, but Bailey still whimpers through the night.
  • Ethan sleeps in the doghouse with Bailey that night.
  • But the next day, Ethan is back at school, and Bailey is alone.
  • Bailey finally realizes that the dog door goes outside, and he has fun playing outside until Ethan comes home from school.
  • Ethan brings his friends over to play with Bailey.
  • One of Ethan's friends, Todd, plays with firecrackers and blows up dollhouses and scares Bailey.
  • On an afternoon when Ethan forgets to lock the fence, Bailey goes for a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Bailey's romp leads him past Todd's backyard, and Todd calls to Bailey to come inside with him.
  • Never having seen a horror movie before—because he's a dog—Bailey follows him in.

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