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A Dog's Purpose Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • Todd locks Bailey in his room and starts playing with mysterious chemicals.
  • Bailey hears Ethan calling for him outside, but Todd slaps Bailey when he barks in response.
  • Plus, Todd calls Bailey a "bad dog" (8.13), which is the worst.
  • However, when Todd's sister opens the door, Bailey makes a run for it. He chases Mom's car until Ethan sees him.
  • Ethan jumps out to grab Bailey. He hugs him and calls him a "bad dog" (8.20).
  • Bailey decides that in this case, being bad is somehow good.
  • Soon, Bailey is taken in for a weird medical procedure he remembered from his last life, the one that leaves him with a silly cone around his neck.
  • After the procedure, Bailey stays away from Todd's side of the street.
  • Seasons pass, and Bailey is taken to visit Grandma and Grandpa on their Farm.
  • It's a different world for Bailey, filled with different animals, like geese, donkeys, and a weird striped cat.
  • Also known as a skunk.
  • Bailey gets sprayed and has to be scrubbed down with tomato juice.
  • The next night, Bailey's sprayed again. Ketchup, lather, repeat.
  • Ethan calls Bailey stupid, but Grandma says stupid is an "ugly word" (8.51).
  • Instead, they all start calling Bailey a doodle dog. It's just like being called stupid, but without using the word stupid, so it's sweet.
  • Ethan takes Bailey fishing, and when Ethan falls overboard, Bailey jumps in to save him. Hope he brought a snorkel.

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