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A Dog's Purpose The Home

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The Home

Snoopy's red doghouse is almost as iconic as the bipedal beagle himself. Dogs can make their homes in a variety of places, from a red house that doubles as a fighter plane, to the foot of his owner's bed, to a replica of his rich owner's palatial estate.

In A Dog's Purpose, our dog lives in a ditch, in an outdoor pen, inside a loving family home, and even in the kennel of a police station. Some of these homes are nicer than others, but the dog doesn't care about the square footage or how many bathrooms the place has—although more toilets means more water bowls. No, the dog only cares about having food, warmth, and—most importantly—love. That's what makes a home for him.

Questions About The Home

  1. Where is the dog's favorite home? Why is it his favorite?
  2. Which homes are unsuitable for the dog? What do they lack that the other homes provide?
  3. Why does the dog escape from some places where he is kept? What is he searching for in those moments?

Chew on This

The dog is capable of surviving anywhere, from a ditch to a farmhouse to a police station, but just because he lives in a place, that doesn't mean it's a home.

The dog's different habitats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there's one thing absolutely necessary for him to call a place home: human love.

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