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Aunt Glo in A Gathering of Old Men

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Aunt Glo

Like basically all of the women in A Gathering of Old Men, we aren't given a whole lot of info on Aunt Glo, and she doesn't really say much. We know that she's taking care of Snookum and his brothers and sisters, but that's really about all of the biographical stuff for Aunt Glo that Gaines gives us. 

Like Beulah Jackson and Corrine, though, you had better believe that she's not somebody you want to mess with. In fact, when things get really wild and the shooting starts, Snookum darts off in spite of the fact that Aunt Glo told him to stay put. Still, Snookum is more afraid of what Aunt Glo will do to him than he is of possibly getting shot (17.10). Aunt Glo is tough. And, like Beulah and Corrine, she represents the strength and will to survive that has kept the African American community at Marshall around and alive for so long.

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