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A Gathering of Old Men Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Lou Dimes

  • For this final chapter, we're back with Lou.
  • He tells us that there were three funerals over the next few days in Bayonne: one for Beau, one for Charlie, and another for Luke Will.
  • There was a trial shortly thereafter, and Lou tells us that Candy's lawyer defended the folks from the quarters, and the Klan hired a lawyer to defend Luke's buddies.
  • The trial lasted three days.
  • Lou says that, overall, the whole thing was over and done with without too much fuss or confusion, although there were times when some of the witnesses—the old men—would embellish too much about what happened and people would laugh.
  • Mapes also gets laughed off the stand when he admits that he was too fat to get up again after he got winged.
  • The jury deliberates for three hours.
  • The judge figures that, since both Charlie and Luke Will—the only ones who actually shot anybody—are both dead, nobody else needs to serve any real jail time.
  • He sentences everybody, Black and white alike, to five years on probation. He also takes away their privilege to own or operate guns, or to be around people who own guns.
  • Luke sarcastically says that last demand is completely unreasonable since, apparently, Louisianans love owning guns.
  • The judge says if the probation is violated, it means jail time. That's that.
  • Candy, Lou, and the old men from the quarters all leave. The men pile into Clatoo's truck.
  • Candy asks Mathu if he wants to ride with her.
  • Mathu tells her he's going to ride with his friends, which he does.
  • Candy and Lou leave, holding hands.

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