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A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 14

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 14

  • The next day Gemma feels like dog doo from the whiskey she drank, and in French class, everyone notices how awful she looks—and when she burps, she reeks of alcohol. 
  • Seizing the opportunity, Cecily announces that Gemma is ill. When Mademoiselle LeFarge questions Gemma, she smells alcohol but Gemma says it is just too much marmalade, which works.
  • Then she and Felicity are scolded for passing notes, which of course have to do with meeting at midnight again tonight.
  • Pippa feels left out and gives a note to Felicity, who decides to give it right to Gemma for some reason—but Gemma can't read it then, so she tucks it into her textbook. 
  • After class, Mademoiselle LeFarge questions Gemma again about alcohol and warns her not to eat too much marmalade.
  • Since her teacher is so nice, Gemma feels pretty badly about lying to her—so badly, in fact, that she feels sick to her stomach (though maybe that's just the whiskey… er, marmalade… talking).
  • Walking to her next class, Gemma remembers Pippa's note and reads it, but winds up feeling complete hatred for Pippa and Felicity since Pippa invites Felicity to hang out and says not to invite Gemma.
  • Apparently that blood pact from the night before was only good for like, an hour. 
  • Mr. Bumble arrives at Spence and all the girls are excited—when they find out they can see them from the upstairs window, a whole herd of girls runs to the window. 
  • Felicity and Gemma con their way to the front, where they see Pippa looking very bored with Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Nightwing and talking about the garden.
  • Cecily thinks Pippa is lucky to have a fast and easy marriage, but Felicity disagrees.

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