Study Guide

A Great and Terrible Beauty Chapter 19

By Libba Bray

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Chapter 19

  • Inside Mother Elena's tent, the old woman asks for their money and then Felicity reminds her to tell Gemma about the Spence girls that used to visit.
  • Mother Elena tells Carolina to leave the room, although there is no one there, and then she calls Gemma Mary and offers her invisible honey cakes.
  • Mother warns Gemma (Mary) to stay away from the Order, saying nothing good will come from learning their magic, and that Sarah wants power and should be kept away from the Winterlands.
  • They learn that Sarah could have bound an angry, longing spirit to herself and that it would corrupt her—this spirit also required a sacrifice. 
  • All of the sudden, Mother snaps out of her trance state and doesn't recognize "Mary" any longer, but when she sees Gemma, she says it is she that will ruin it all.
  • Flipping out, Gemma runs away alone into the woods, though she feels Kartik watching her—and when Felicity and Ann catch up to her, they think the whole episode is a joke.
  • That night, Gemma dreams about making out with Kartik, and wishes it were true when she wakes up.

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